Books: “The Tiger’s Wife” by T√©a Obreht

tigers-wife-coverThis book came in very unexpectedly into my life. Actually, a novel was recommended by my colleague, a software developer. I read it in less than a week of traveling.

After reading business literature for the past year, it was like a breath of fresh air. Fiction, war, death, family, tigers – it’s all mixed together in here. I was captivated with how modern-day, scientific, & political life is intertwined with the mythical, folkloric past in the Balkans. Sometimes it was even hard to stop reading. And, of course, the animals. They play a big part in the whole story. Often they portrait relationship with people, sometimes it’s just there honesty that amazes you. It was like seeing Chagall in words instead of pictures.

Altogether I was surprised how vividly I could see the pictures the author describes: mountains, villages, zoo, city bombing, crazy gypsies in the vineyard… It all seemed like a parallel reality, yet a very real one. Continue reading