Highlights from SaaStr 2018 and the story of the drone


E8407999-2DFE-432D-B90C-7845A8B379FBRecently, I attended SaaStr Annual 2018 claimed to be the biggest SaaS event on the planet Earth. With over 10k participants and three days full of sessions it might as well be. It was rather crowded, to be honest, but some of the sessions were really inspiring.

I tried to summarize some highlights on culture, product and success for SaaS businesses in a brief presentation saastr_2018Some of my personal notes below 😉

We talked a lot about culture, minorities and women in tech. I was pleased to find out that there was a dedicated mother’s room at the conf.


The most memorable moment for me though was when I won a raffle and I got a drone from Sparkpost guys (which sparked lots of interest from the male part of San Francisco crowd, ladies :))!


Hope you’ll find something inspiring and see you at the SaaStr 2019. Or maybe even sooner at the SaaStr Europe!

P.S. The presentation was designed in beautiful.ai, one of the unicorns I met at SaaStr and fell in love with right away!

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