Highlights from SaaStr 2018 and the story of the drone


E8407999-2DFE-432D-B90C-7845A8B379FBRecently, I attended SaaStr Annual 2018 claimed to be the biggest SaaS event on the planet Earth. With over 10k participants and three days full of sessions it might as well be. It was rather crowded, to be honest, but some of the sessions were really inspiring.

I tried to summarize some highlights on culture, product and success for SaaS businesses in a brief presentation¬†saastr_2018Some of my personal notes below ūüėČ

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Tip for Startups: make sure you don’t hire a**holes

Some time ago¬†I had a chance to enjoy Mikkel’s interview at Startup Grind San Francisco. Mikkel Svane is a Founder and CEO at Zendesk.com, a web-based, SaaS-delivered help desk that enables companies to provide better customer service. How did it all begin? In 2007 three guys in Denmark had a simple idea – to make their customers happy. The idea soon became a business model, and nowadays over 100 M people around the world receive support from Zendesk (you can read the whole story from Mikkel himself here – Zendesk: What is the founding story of Zendesk?).



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Featured by Apple: Why Bother?

Since the very beginning, App Store, as well as many things related to Apple, has been surrounded with the cloud of mystery. How to distinguish your app among a million of other apps? How to win big in the App Store? How to get noticed and featured by Apple? Answers to this questions I’ve shared in a series of posts at Stanfy blog.

You’d be surprised but there are many companies who get featured by Apple accidentally, get extremely happy, however, have no clue of how this happened. On the flip side, there are companies that persistently work towards this goal, hence have been featured multiple times by Apple. For instance, Readdle‘s products such as Documents, PDF Expert 5, Scanner Pro have been consistently featured among ¬†TOP apps in ¬†productivity category and App of the Week. Later on Denys Zhadanov, Readdle’s Marketing Director, has also shared Readdle’s experience in his blog.

Readdle's apps

Here is the winning formula for the App Store:¬†Get on Apple’s Radar+Make a Killer Product

Tips for Startups: build a relationship with your investor long before you will have to ask for money

Danielle Morrill is really cool!

Named by the Forbes ’30 Under 30′ for Social/Mobile Technology in 2011, she has over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience at Y-Combinator, Twilio, and Seattle 2.0. Currently Danielle is the CEO of Mattermark, a platform which is basically¬†Bloomberg for Startup Investors. Mattermark¬† provides signals and reports for investors on startup opportunities out there. As Danielle said herself, “Most startups don’t know what kind of traction they have. With Mattermark I can find out whether your startup has traction or not without your help :)”.

During her interview at the¬†Lean Startup Circle¬†meetup, Danielle raised a curtain for us on collecting funds and, what’s more important, on building relationships with potential investors. Here are a couple of things I picked up.

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