Mobile first, Android second

With Stanfy we’ve been in the mobile business for over 4 years now. During this time we’ve seen lots of trends rise and fall, both on the market and in people’s heads. Among the highlights are – greater emphasis on value and better user experience, a clear separation of smartphone and tablet audiences and products for them, and most of all – mobile first. Nevertheless, Android still goes second! Either an established company or a startup which tests their idea with an MVP, business owners start with iPhone, sometimes iPad, and only then comes Android.

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Get On The Right Side Of Apple

A famous saying “Once a loser, always a lose” actually works to the contrary with Apple. Once you get noticed by Apple, you pretty much have the world by the tail. Of course, there is lots of hard work ahead to live up to the standards after the first big hit. But now let’s see how one can get on Apple’s radar in the first place. In this post I’ve covered three main areas mobile entrepreneurs should focus on:

  • How to impress Apple’s editorial board
  • Spread word of mouth
  • Creating buzz

You can check out the whole post at Stanfy blog. My colleague, Denys Zhadanov, our Marketing Director at Readdle, also spiced it up with a cool insider tip:

Don’t just wait, be smart about it. Launching Facebook ads targeted at San Francisco and Silicon Valley, you can get more attention to your product and gain visibility aiming at Apple’s employees.

Check out more posts on How to Make a Killer Product and Why Even Bother About Getting Featured on App Store. 

Featured by Apple: Why Bother?

Since the very beginning, App Store, as well as many things related to Apple, has been surrounded with the cloud of mystery. How to distinguish your app among a million of other apps? How to win big in the App Store? How to get noticed and featured by Apple? Answers to this questions I’ve shared in a series of posts at Stanfy blog.

You’d be surprised but there are many companies who get featured by Apple accidentally, get extremely happy, however, have no clue of how this happened. On the flip side, there are companies that persistently work towards this goal, hence have been featured multiple times by Apple. For instance, Readdle‘s products such as Documents, PDF Expert 5, Scanner Pro have been consistently featured among  TOP apps in  productivity category and App of the Week. Later on Denys Zhadanov, Readdle’s Marketing Director, has also shared Readdle’s experience in his blog.

Readdle's apps

Here is the winning formula for the App Store: Get on Apple’s Radar+Make a Killer Product

Tracking All the Oooops in Your Mobile App with Crittercism

With the mobile market growing every day, mobile applications performance monitoring is growing to become an increasingly important field. Mobile users become more and more demanding towards app quality and developers need proper tools to make sure their apps are fast and stable.

Since the very beginning, we’ve been using Flurry analytics to measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, revenue and other stats. Recently, we’ve also started using Crittercism, an app performance management solution which focus on providing crash reports and diagnostics.

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Agile in Practice: Where to Start?

Agile is trendy, Agile is cool, you need to work with Agile teams. All of us have heard this a million times. It’s a common believe that Agile principles in software development work great; however, the question of how to implement them in your team, in your environment, with your clients still remain a mystery for many companies.
The #1 principle in the Agile manifesto goes as: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools“, and this is absolutely true. It must be said that Agile is not just about working in iterations, doing a daily standup or writing a unit test after the all. Continue reading