The Smartwatch Market: Where Do We Go From Here?

If you are into mobile, you are probably thinking about a smart watch as well. After smartphones, smart watches and smart bands are leading the way in tech world being the most popular wearable devices sold, with Pebble being #1 choice among smart bands for consumers.

“How Pebble got to the top and what are the current smart watch trends out there” was actually the topic of my post for Stanfy blog, who recently, by the way, dived into smart watch app development.

The article got also published at the Best Smart Watch Compared which was a really nice surprise. So, should I get Pebble as well?

Pebble smart watch


How many daily downloads does your app need to be #1 on the App Store?

Recently I have joined Readdle, a mobile app development company that creates cool productivity app. In the previous posts I’ve already mentioned how Readdle’s apps got to be featured by the App Store numerous times. 

Recently our marketing director Denys Zhadanov has been working hard on this latest marketing campaign, which turned out to be very successful. Now he has counted the number of daily downloads by country and revealed what it took us to get to the top Apple’s charts.

The marketing campaign was aimed at our app Printer Pro for iPhone, which lets you print from your iPhone to a wireless or USB printer. It’s regular price is $3.99, however, dropping the price to a free app helped us to skyrocket the to #1 on the free apps charts in many countries. 

Printer Pro

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Mobile first, Android second

With Stanfy we’ve been in the mobile business for over 4 years now. During this time we’ve seen lots of trends rise and fall, both on the market and in people’s heads. Among the highlights are – greater emphasis on value and better user experience, a clear separation of smartphone and tablet audiences and products for them, and most of all – mobile first. Nevertheless, Android still goes second! Either an established company or a startup which tests their idea with an MVP, business owners start with iPhone, sometimes iPad, and only then comes Android.

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How to Make a Killer Product

We all know that great marketing starts with a great product. In the recent post on Stanfy blog I elaborated on what it takes to make an awesome product. Turns out the product’s “awesomeness” can be viewed from different standpoints.

Users feel a product through user experience which is accurate problem solving, stable performance and impressive design. On the flip side, Apple doesn’t have an exact set of criteria to evaluate apps, however, they strongly appreciate following the latest design trends and employing Apple’s technological advancements. Sam Vernette, the Founder of Transit app, which has been featured by Apple many times, says that being featured helped them to get 100,000 weekly active customers without doing any paid marketing. He also stated:

“It’s more important to keep your app up-to-date with the latest OS rather than worrying too much about supporting older versions. With Transit we pay more attention to refreshing the app for the latest technology rather than spending too much time redesigning for older versions”. Sam Vernette, the Founder of Transit

This analysis is followed by a brief summary of a short video Ingredients of a Great App” by John Geleynse, Director of Technology Evangelism at Apple. In his speech John crystalizes the 8 characteristics of a truly great app. The video is very informative and inspiring too!

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Tracking All the Oooops in Your Mobile App with Crittercism

With the mobile market growing every day, mobile applications performance monitoring is growing to become an increasingly important field. Mobile users become more and more demanding towards app quality and developers need proper tools to make sure their apps are fast and stable.

Since the very beginning, we’ve been using Flurry analytics to measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, revenue and other stats. Recently, we’ve also started using Crittercism, an app performance management solution which focus on providing crash reports and diagnostics.

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