I’m Libra, hence hesitation for me is not a just a rare moment, it’s mainly the state of being. To be honest, ‘JUST do it!’ attitude and action do always happen naturally, it often takes a lot of efforts to just do it.

This was also a title of my first project in Toastmasters. I’ve already lost track of all the presentation, evaluation and table topic speeches I’ve given over the years, but I still remember the moment when I was delivering my very speech and despite all the fears, shaking knees and blushing cheeks Imanage to just DO it.

With the time your goal and priorities change, people come and go, even countries appear and disappear off the face of the Earth. Well, you change as well. I always liked to speak. However, at some point I felt that I’d like to stop speaking and listen more. Recently, I felt the urge to start writing. The idea seemed extremely tempting, yet scary at the same time. What’s worse – harsh critique, blind misunderstanding or excruciating pain of indifference from others?

I haven’t found the answer to those questions yet. So, I decided to just do IT and start writing. So, here we are ­čÖé The adventure begins!

Just do it on a blackboard