Find Your Dream House in Kyiv

Update from 2018: Since the story was published, Dream House has won a number of awards and spread out to many cities across Europe. I have stayed there a couple of times myself and my experience couldn’t be more positive 🙂 

Back to early 2000. One evening over 6 years ago we were having a cup of tea my friend and fellow Toastmaster Eugene. At that time he was having some trouble arranging an accommodation in Kyiv for his foreign friends. Having traveled all over Europe, I often stay at hostels, hence, I was surprised to find out that there was no decent hostel in Kyiv at that moment.

Time has passed and recently I was even more surprised with the great news that not only had Eugene opened a Dream House Hostel in Kyiv, but his hostel made it to the TOP 10 best large hostels worldwide, according to the Hostelworld ranking.

Dream House Hostel

So, what is so special about the Dream House Hostel? First of all, it’s located at the heart of Kyiv within a walking distance to the subway station, main city attractions and a 24/7 grocery store. Hidden in a courtyard, it’s almost noiseless, and you can get a good rest after an intense day in the city. I took a walking tour around the hostel and I loved its modern and stylish design. Everything looks very new and fresh. Bright colors spread all over the place cheer you up on every corner.

Dream House Hostel

As a Kyiv dweller, I didn’t have a chance to stay at the hostel myself, but I was impressed with a horde of excellent reviews on Tripadvisor. Previous visitors complemented the warm and positive atmosphere, extremely friendly and hospitable staff, and impeccably tidy rooms. Judging from the photos on their Facebook page, the Dream House team not only provide their visitors with a cozy accommodation, but also arrange plenty of fun activities – check out the Boat Party, Ukrainian Drinks Party, Pub Crawl, and many others.

Dream House Hostel

Moreover, next door to the hostel there is a Druzi Cafe with an extremely cozy ambiance. Reasonably priced, with decent portion sizes (an important thing to note when you are in Ukraine!), Druzi Cafe is a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new people. They often conduct workshops and have a great selection of board games, so you’ll never be bored there 🙂

Speaking of the menu, carrot cake is highly recommended by everyone. Unfortunately, it’s is so popular that they’d already ran out of it when I was there, but… it only made me want to come back here again 🙂

Originally published at Cityshare.


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