How many daily downloads does your app need to be #1 on the App Store?

Recently I have joined Readdle, a mobile app development company that creates cool productivity app. In the previous posts I’ve already mentioned how Readdle’s apps got to be featured by the App Store numerous times. 

Recently our marketing director Denys Zhadanov has been working hard on this latest marketing campaign, which turned out to be very successful. Now he has counted the number of daily downloads by country and revealed what it took us to get to the top Apple’s charts.

The marketing campaign was aimed at our app Printer Pro for iPhone, which lets you print from your iPhone to a wireless or USB printer. It’s regular price is $3.99, however, dropping the price to a free app helped us to skyrocket the to #1 on the free apps charts in many countries. 

Printer Pro

Below you will find a repos from Denys’s blog and some more interesting data on our latest campaign:

As you may know, I always share numbers and interesting data about the App Store ecosystem. This time is no different.

I’ve recently made a very successful campaign for Printer Pro for iPhone. This is a neat app that allows you to print directly from your iPhone to any wireless and even USB printer. The regular price is $4.99, but we’ve made it free for 48 hours for this campaign. As a result, it instantly became #1 free app in more than 15 countries worldwide. That is why I have the very “fresh” data on the current state of the App Store.


With no further intro, here’s what I’ve got. Please note, that the numbers apply to free iPhone charts on April 14th. I will mention the most significant countries and numbers.

Brazil #1 – 67,600

Canada #1 – 44,660

Denmark #1 – 18,300

Germany #1 – 88,310

Spain #1 – 28,840

Ireland #1 – 4,100 (only!)

Italy #1 – 61,280

Turkey – 26,800

Mexico #1 – 29,670

Netherlands #1 – 35,620

Russia #1 – 74,000

Sweden #1 – 21,570

Other notable countries are United states and Japan. In the US it reached rank 45 yesterday with 50k+ daily downloads (I will update the data since today Printer Pro is #11 in the US). Looking at the previous campaign for Scanner Pro, it took us 330K+ daily downloads  in the US to become #1 app on the App Store. As for Japan, the app was ranked #27 with 25K+ downloads.

Update (April 15th): Printer Pro for iPhone reached #10 place in the US top chart with only 80K daily downloads.

I will update this post tomorrow since I will have the second day of downloads, so the data will be more accurate. The App Store has some kind of inertia when it comes to rankings and download numbers.

Please, do ask questions if you have any. I will do a further analysis with these numbers.

P.S. Watch a video that we shoot for Printer Pro a few months ago. And yes, that’s me out there.

Don’t forget to download our apps and  follow Denys at



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