San Francisco of Ukraine

“Odesa has it’s own pace of life. We don’t really care about anybody else. We value good stuff. We enjoy the sea, the Sun and good food. Actually, Odesa is something like  San Francisco in America. It’s not like any other city,” said my future boss, Odesa native.

In two weeks I moved to Odesa.

Sunrise in Odesa


New job, new apartment, new people, new city. OMG, there is so much new ahead. It’s both excitingly intoxicating and kind of scary.

I just came back Kyiv charmed with my 5-month long business trip in San Francisco. I came back to my apartment filled with warm memories,  the job at Stanfy that I loved and a great circle of friends. I haven’t really unpacked my huge suitcases yet (like you can come back with a small one from America:))

The job offer was enticing. For years Readdle has been one of the most successful mobile development companies in Eastern Europe. I’ve heard of them, I’ve used their apps, and now I’m gonna have a chance to work with them! But what about moving?

Most people dream to make it in the capital. And here I was: a girl who was seriously considering moving out of there… To be honest, if it was any other city of Ukraine, I would certainly said NO. Well, maybe I could consider Lviv… I grew up not far from there & it really feels like home, too much like home.

But Odesa…

Odesa is not like any other city… It was it’s own character. It has it’s own vibe. Just like SF in America, it has the Bay, the fog, great restaurants and appreciation for good wine, a little laid-back way of life at a sea resort and absolutely international culture, tolerance to others and independence from others, and, of course, a unique sense of humor which its dwellers are born with.

Well, that’s what I’ve heard. I am about to find out more myself very soon 😉 I am moving to Odesa!

More great photos of Odesa by Ostrozub here 



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