Creative art in the Lavra Gallery in Kyiv

I will be honest: in winter it gets really-really cold in Kyiv. So, together with some outdoor activities on your to-do list, it’s important to have a safety plan that includes some nice cozy places to warm up. One of these should definitely be the art Gallery of Lavra.

Why? First of all, it’s the largest city gallery in Kyiv. In 19th century it used to be a warehouse of the Kyiv Fortress, and over the years it has grown from a simple single-story building to a spatial expo hall with inside and outside expositions. Secondly, unlike many municipal galleries (that can be pretty boring sometimes), it holds all kinds of cool events starting from the photo exhibitions, pre-release screening of theatre performances, modern art festivals, fashion shows, and many others. Traditionally, it hosts the «I Love Kiev» festival with all the amazing photo/book/fashion/movie presentations of the local artists, as well as World Press Photo exhibitions. Thirdly, entrance is free of charge:) You got to check it out!

Last month, Lavra Galery hosted a photo exhibition of a national Ukrainian newspaper called ‘Den’. It was huge: over 300 photos capturing the most heart-warming moments of life. I attended it and was really touched. Funny animal pics, snaps of patriotic sport fans, touching photographs of what seems mundane events really move you. One hall was completely dedicated to photos taken by kids, so cute! I personally find black-and-white photos to be very moving, and this exhibition was rich with them. Very inspiring! You can certainly expect more of these inspiring exhibitions if you’ll visit it coming winter.

Lavra Gallery
1 Lavrska Street
(044) 280-36-33, (044) 290-02-90
Open: 12AM-6PM daily
Closest subway station – metro ‘Arsenalsa’



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