Mamaeva Sloboda – the hottest place during a cold season in Kyiv

If you ever visit Mamaeva Sloboda, you’ll find yourself in a traditional Ukrainian village with small houses, wooden churches, and windmills. Thus, this open-air park is a great place to dive into the history of Ukraine and experience the traditional Ukrainian life of 16-17th centuries. Especially, if you come over during spring or summer, the picture will be enhanced with the spectacular view of the rich green meadows, colorful water lilies on blue lakes, and many blooming trees.

But what about now? When it’s cold and dreary, can you hope for any outside fun in Kyiv? For sure! Get your warm clothes on and head for Mamaeva Sloboda.

Tours around the village are conducted all year long. Just in under an hour you’ll walk around the park, get a chance to see the authentic interior of the traditional houses and check out a number of Ukrainian souvenirs from local craftsman. Then, after you are done with the ‘official’ part, the true fun begins 🙂

Mamaeva Sloboda has lots of space, so just in the middle of the village you will see a fun crowd of musicians and dancers dressed in the national clothes, serving food, and entertaining visitors. I’d recommend starting off with a shot of Nalyvka. This is a traditional Ukrainian flavored vodka made according to the old time recipes with tastes of cherries, apples, plums and other fruit. Of course, you can’t miss trying out Kulish (millet porridge with smocked meat) cooked on an open fire, just like Cossack, Ukrainian warriors of 16th century, used to do.

By the way, all of these will be served in the colorful pottery, wooden spoons, and thick glasses that represent Ukrainian folk art of those times. To finish your meal, you can go for a glass of hot steamy mulled wine, which will not only warm you up but also give you strength for the next activities. Now join the crowd for the energetic folk dances, try out horseback riding, and, of course, don’t forget to enjoy Nalyvka one more time 🙂

Mamaeva Sloboda
Open 10 AM to 12 PM
Entrance fee is about EUR 9 (around 12 USD)

During my first time in Mamaeva Slovoda, I was a part a group with many-many foreigners who did learn a lot of new things about Ukraine and had lots of fun!

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