Best Place to Start Your Day in Kyiv

Whether you are looking for that one cup of extra strong espresso, or a huge traditional American breakfast, or just a quiet place to work and dive into your laptop for a couple of hours, sooner or later the bumpy Kyiv roads will bring you to Aroma Espresso Bar.

Originated in Jerusalem, Aroma espresso coffee bars made their way to Kyiv in 2009, and I am sure they here to stay.

If you look through the photos people take at Aroma on Foursquare or Yelp, there will not so many food snaps. Why? The food is simply too good to take pictures of 🙂 Even the most dedicated food spotters, usually realize that half-through their meals. Aroma offers a great combination of healthy and tasty dishes served in large portions (which is big contrast to an average Ukrainian café). They do have an English menu, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a mouthwatering sandwich or a delicious brownie.

Among locals Aroma is known for a variety of drinks. Latte is always impeccable. There is always a new flavor of tea and smoothie on the menu. My personal favorite drink for this cold time of the year is hot chocolate. It’s really-really hot and there is lots of yummy chocolate in it.


However, it’s not only the menus that makes you wanna come back to this place and recommend it to your friends. Comfortable sofas, warm wooden interior design, friendly stuff, free Wi-Fi and 24/7 schedule makes it an incredibly cozy place where you can enjoy the food, drink coffee and meet great people.

Insider tip! When you place an order at the register, they will ask you for your name. Traditionally people go crazy with their Aroma names. So, don’t miss your opportunity to be a Superman or Angelina Jolie at least for a moment. If you ever hear a bartender calling out for Pocahontas to pick up her extra hot latte, this means I am around 🙂

Aroma Espresso Bars in Kyiv:

5 Dymytrova Street
75 Zhylyans’ka Street
3 Mechnykova Street

Inspired by Tania Lukinyuk, fantastic Toastmaster, marketing guru and an exclusive owner of the smiling latte 🙂

Originally published at Cityshare blog. Check out their awesome blog & app to find tips from locals in any part of the world.


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