Time to Get to Know Kyiv!

Some time ago a trip to San Francisco has had a big impact on my life. Being in this beautiful city taught me to be more attentive to the world around me, to appreciate the city I live in and to notice what might not be seen from the first glance. That’s why, when I came back to Kyiv I was more than excited with an offer from Cityshare, a popular European travel startup, to write a blog about Kyiv.

At the beginning I was both hesitant and nervous not knowing where to start and what to write about. There are so many travel blogs already! Everything has probably been described many times… With solid encouragement from Cityshare team and a little chocolate :), after two weeks of running around the bush I pulled myself together and just started writing.

And then the miracle happened! The moment I wrote my introduction, the ideas for future posts just kept on coming to my mind: Kyiv street, ancient temples, unusual monuments, cozy cafes, hidden parks… OMG, there is so much interesting stuff that is out there! I was sure that it was a beginning of a great journey some parts of which I’d like to share on this blog as well. Let’s start with a brief introduction.

Kyiv City is a beautiful, happy city. Over the wide Dnipro, all in green chestnuts, all in sunshine.

~ Mikhail Bulgakov.

Pryvit! I am Yuliya from Ukraine. Over the past 10 years I’ve been an inquisitive dweller of Kyiv, one of the greatest places on the globe.

Beautiful city with beautiful people, Kyiv has a lot of hidden places with exciting mysterious stories shared only by locals. You can walk around its quiet streets for hours, or you can lose yourself in the affluence of tasty Ukrainian food and strong, yet delicious, traditional drinks. Here you can feel the essence of Ukrainian hospitality, sacramental history and modern day drive.

Kyiv does have it all. You just need to know where to look for it 🙂

Originally published at Cityshare blog. Check out their awesome blog & app to find tips from locals in any part of the world.


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