Wearable Devices: Trends and Challenges

Nowadays there is no doubt that smartphones will conquer the world (there are over 1.5 B (!) smartphones worldwide). Despite the holy war between iPhone and Android, we must confess that they provide users with very akin opportunities. That’s why, we need to think outside of smartphone market and look for the challenges modern technology offers us.

That’s when wearable electronics comes in play. The next «big thing» in this field will be glasses, watches, sport gadgets.

Rising trends in wearable technology:

  • it goes deeper inside (from outside smartphones, wearable tech moves on to being in our accessories, clothes and even in human body)
  • it collects a lot of intimate info and that’s why we are facing a new age of privacy. How to keep data from being compromised is a big question to be answered
  • cloud itself becomes a platform. Most data are and will be collected through the cloud. Cloud computing allows to be lightweight which makes people want to use it.

However, there are a number of issues we are still facing with wearable devices:

  • first of all, the major problem is battery. At the moment the lifetime of batteries is less than to be desired. Experts predict that the break through will come in the next 5 years. Let’s wait.
  • yes, data collected, what’s next? It’s truly a question. After we managed to collect the data from a wearable device, what should we do with it? How do we attract behavioral changes based on this data?
  • and, of course, UX. At the end of the day it’s all about UX. Seamless integration of wearable and user experience is a question that many manufacturers are facing at the moment.

There’s still a great deal of skepticism out there about how big the market potential is for wearables, however, keeping in mind the number of problems they are going to solve, experts see a great potential for growth.

Also, take a few moments to check out an interesting selection of some really strange but cool Wearables here – This Is The Future Of Wearable Technology


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