How to Make a Killer Product

We all know that great marketing starts with a great product. In the recent post on Stanfy blog I elaborated on what it takes to make an awesome product. Turns out the product’s “awesomeness” can be viewed from different standpoints.

Users feel a product through user experience which is accurate problem solving, stable performance and impressive design. On the flip side, Apple doesn’t have an exact set of criteria to evaluate apps, however, they strongly appreciate following the latest design trends and employing Apple’s technological advancements. Sam Vernette, the Founder of Transit app, which has been featured by Apple many times, says that being featured helped them to get 100,000 weekly active customers without doing any paid marketing. He also stated:

“It’s more important to keep your app up-to-date with the latest OS rather than worrying too much about supporting older versions. With Transit we pay more attention to refreshing the app for the latest technology rather than spending too much time redesigning for older versions”. Sam Vernette, the Founder of Transit

This analysis is followed by a brief summary of a short video Ingredients of a Great App” by John Geleynse, Director of Technology Evangelism at Apple. In his speech John crystalizes the 8 characteristics of a truly great app. The video is very informative and inspiring too!

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