It’s raining men! Hallelujah!

Saturday morning. I woke up to the grey and dreary view in the window. My first intention was to crawl back under the covers and stay in bed all day. But the I thought: “Wow, my first rain in over 4 months in SF! ” I dragged myself out of the house and onto the wet streets.

I was surprised to see how different the city looks! All streets that are so familiar looked somehow different, they were empty and sooo quiet. No pedestrians, almost no cars, and no homeless people. Just raindrops in the air, on the ground, everywhere.

But SF didn’t stay paralyzed with the rain for a long time. Dog walkers (dogs def had a blast), committed runners (feels like everybody runs in SF), and young mommies with strollers soon filled up the streets. Shops opened up their doors putting out a bucket for wet umbrellas.

City was slowly waking up and getting back to its usual rhythm. Me? I am just strolling down the streets with my purple umbrella enjoying the city and the rain.


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