Mobile is the Leading Trend in Sales of IT-Products

Recently, I’ve attended an educational event – Learn With Google, and I did learn a lot about their ad services (AdWords, AdSense) as well as Google+ and Google Analytics. But what was most interesting, they’ve also highlighted the seven main trends we face when selling IT-products:

  • growth of mobile;
  • open markets (App Store & Google Play);
  • Internet as an advertising platform for IT;
  • online video;
  • cloud technologies;
  • changes in game industry;
  • data analysis.

Surely, we were pleased to see mobile among the leading ones. Mobile as a platform for ads, sales and various types of monetization grows very fast which is stipulated by the huge sales of mobile devices of all kind. If 2-3 years ago people treated mobile as an additional channel, sometimes even marginal, nowadays mobile is a platforms with millions of users. For example, 25% of YouTube traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. In Japan & Korea this number is even higher – over 50%.

Mobile is a channel you can’t ignore.

  • In 2012 over 700M smartphones were sold around the world.
  • It’s +45% comparing to 2011 sales.
  • It’s 1,5 times more then sales of PCs and tablets all together.

It must be said that smartphones are still far away from taking over the market, and a lot of people still use feature phones. For instance, 25% of gamers in the US still play games on feature phones.

A lot of people still make this mistake when creating mobile apps – they don’t think of mobile app monetization models prior to creation of mobile applications. You should think about this at the beginning of your mobile path. The major part of app developers get their profits from mobile advertising. The part of paid apps declines with every year, whereas freemium model takes off in sales. In general, the whole market grows including the pay for download sector, even though it’s share is diminishing.

  • Monetization models change
  • 38% of developers get their money from mobile ads
  • Freemium model share has grown +30% in 6 months


  • Think of creating a mobile website or a mobile app for your business.
  • You can’t ignore mobile audience anymore. It’s huge and grows at a speed of a light.
  • Think of monetization models before you start working on a product.

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